by Matt Cholick

They gave us dual 19" monitors at work the other day. I can't believe what a difference it makes. Having double the desktop space makes my environment so much nicer. After two days, I already can't imagine programming without it.

Working on my home system pales in comparison, so I broke down today and picked up a 19" lcd. I was lucky; my graphics card has a DVI output; I had no idea what this when I picked the card. I may be getting ahead of myself, since my second monitor hasn't even arrived, but I already look forward to the day when video cards commonly have three outputs...

I am excited by what this could do for gaming. As dual-head displays become more common, hopefully game developers will begin to target their software to such systems. Interface heavy games such as mmo's could gain quite a bit from a second display - using the second monitor for status, maps, and other information.